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Happy birthday, Mom


What kind of woman finds time to raise four girls; be an excellent wife and mother; be a Brownie and Girl Scouts leader; be president of Easter Seals for four years; star in a musical – “Mr. Wonderful” in 1963 in Lake Tahoe; be president of the Carson Valley Women’s Golf Club; square dance; play softball – pitcher at 65; help with the Douglas cheerleaders and never miss a game – home or away; help with the Douglas Dolfin Swim Team for six years; when we were between coaches, take over; handles the books at Silver State Title; host great parties, preparing all food herself; help my brother-in-law with wood-cutting (he sees she’s wearing my dad’s gloves and gold tennis shoes); has sons-in-law who never refer to her as the outlaw; always sets a nice table whether we are having steak or hamburgers (all condiments go in glass bowls with spoons).

This woman is our mom, Ann Owen. She is 82 years old and even though I am sitting on the counter, eating souped-up minute rice out of the pan, my sisters Debbie, Kim, Kerry and I all try to follow her lead.

Happy Birthday Mom

Lisa Maddox