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Happy birthday, Clarence

by Kurt Hildebrand

Clarence William Godecke Jr. celebrated his 90th birthday on Wednesday at his home in Minden.

Clarence was born in Minden on Jan. 5, 1921, and graduated from Douglas County High School in 1938.

It didn’t take him but a month after Pearl Harbor was attacked to sign up for the U.S. Army. He qualified as a pilot and flew bombers in the European Theater.

The note I received was priceless, it said the last time Clarence hit 90 he was driving to Reno on Highway 395.

I received word from Steve Figueroa of Figueroa Construction in Reno about the home on Petar whose garage was damaged when a neighbor ran into it on the week before Christmas.

Firefighters had to secure the home until someone came and fixed it.

Steve said that the children thought Santa would have a hard time finding them, but by Christmas Eve, the damage was repaired.

“People were going crazy saying I gave them a Christmas present,” he said. “They are getting their Christmas back and were assured that Santa knew where they were.”

I also hear the driver is OK, after the accident.

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