Gun grabbers keep going |

Gun grabbers keep going


When the U.S. Senate voted down the most recent gun bill, I wondered how long it would take for the Washington gun grabbers to respond. It certainly didn’t take long. Immediately, long time gun-grabbers Obama, Biden, Schumer, Holder, and Feinstein began their whining and predetermined assault on the NRA, Republicans, and innocent law-abiding citizens. Their accusatory “spin” was bogus, deceitful, inflammatory, and completely lacking in facts.

Locally, liberal gun grabbers are following their Washington leaders by spewing the same bogus spin. Many have chastised Dean Heller for his “no” vote on the Bill while blaming the gun lobby and the NRA. Kudos to Dean Heller for having the courage to resist the Administration’s all out assault on the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens!

Make no mistake about it, Washington’s liberal Democrats are determined to trash our Second Amendment rights and disarm innocent law-abiding citizens. The proof is in their actions, not their rhetoric. In the recent vote by the Senate to adopt the “UN Arms Treaty”, which essentially devoids our Second Amendment rights, a majority (46) of the Democratic senators voted to adopt the Treaty. Fortunately, a handful of Democratic Senators joined the Republicans in rejecting the Administration’s backdoor attempt to adopt this gun grabbing Treaty.

Violent gun crimes are usually committed by mentally disturbed people. Research indicates that addiction to violent video games and movies can influence violent behavior. Why is it, then, that the Administration and Washington Democrats haven’t addressed or reined in the media’s proliferation of gun violence? Could it be they don’t want to lose the favor of their big Hollywood political donors? It’s time that the gun grabbing Democrats quit playing politics and legitimately attempt to find meaningful solutions to a very difficult and complex problem.

Gary Thompson