Guest Opinion: Don’t use my tax dollars to keep Randy Green off the board |

Guest Opinion: Don’t use my tax dollars to keep Randy Green off the board

by Dave Price

Three stories in the Saturday, Sept. 9, issue of The Record-Courier held special interest to me. First, I read that Douglas County teachers had approved a contract offer from the district. Inside, I saw where Douglas High School students were protesting because their occupational education classes were being dropped. And page one included a story detailing Randy Green’s bid to win a seat on the school board, a bid that took a step forward when he received a majority of votes for Area 4 in the primary election.

The latter story came as good news, in my opinion. I have worked and/or lived in Douglas County for 28 years now and of the many quality people I have had the fortune of meeting here, Randy Green ranks near the top of my list.

I’ve only seen where Randy has been a positive influence both on and off campus at Douglas High School and I believe he would only have a positive impact dealing with the district overall as a school board member.

But then in the Saturday, Sept. 30, R-C, I read where the school board was preparing to go to court to keep Green from serving if elected by the voters.

At issue is a state statute that says, “A member of any board of trustees shall not be financially interested in a contract made by the board of trustees of which he is a member.”

I can understand that. What I can’t understand would be an attempt by an elected board of trustees to overturn a vote of the people.

Is this a school board interested in receiving input from the community? Not if it’s one that cannot abide by a majority vote at the polls, at least in my view.

Another point of interest, I have read where the school district does not have sufficient funds for occupational education classes, music programs and various others … yet there are sufficient funds to cover what could turn out to be a lengthy legal battle.

I regard this as utter nonsense and totally unacceptable. I will turn out to vote on Nov. 7 with the knowledge there is a chance my vote will be negated by legal action funded by my own tax dollars. To me, that is downright un-American. Maybe the money to pay for court costs could be used to replace the grant lost from Western Nevada Community College and to restore the occupational education classes at Douglas High School, among other things.

In any case, has this affected how I will vote on Nov. 7? Absolutely not. If nothing else, I’m more determined than ever to protect my constitutional rights.

(Dave Price is a Gardnerville Ranchos resident and former sports editor of The Record-Courier.)