Guest Column: Green should have been given a chance |

Guest Column: Green should have been given a chance

by Kaycee Green

At this time, I would like to take a moment to express my concern about the recent decisions made by the Douglas County District Court to deny Randy Green the seat he won earlier in November. Even more grotesque is the manner in which the last board conducted their actions against Randy Green. It is difficult for me to believe as a citizen in Douglas County that the district office and school board’s actions within the last few years can be considered reasonable.

Often finding myself surrounded by teachers, I have had the opportunity to hear their complaints and particular concerns. Recently, I was confronted with the unbelievable story that the district office representatives set out for one of their field trips, but their timing was strikingly unsuccessful. The visit to the elementary school came during track transition and within the final week before Christmas break, situations that obviously were overlooked and disregarded by the district office.

I spent my entire education within Douglas County schools and I can attest to the fact that I seldom, if ever encountered a district office representative, and the two occasions I saw our superintendent was my 8th grade honor society induction and my graduation from high school. In both situations the ideas I gained from our interaction was her overwhelming use of complex words within constructed speeches and lack of knowledge about what goes on in any of our schools. I find it hard to believe that our county will not allow a teacher to be on the school board, but they will allow our schools to be run by someone who does not own a home within our district.

The board who voted 7-0 to take Randy Green to court is not only afraid of him bringing to light the issues actually concerning the teachers, students and the problems within the district office. I do not understand how over 9,000 votes can be in favor of a candidate and still he cannot take his seat because of seven individuals so content and afraid of change. Every professional board is constructed of members of the particular profession. It is unfortunate that lawyers, doctors, universities and many other boards gain the insight from their professionals, but this school board fears what could come from this teacher. The conflict of interest is a bogus argument that doesn’t have strength behind it, but is a successful wall for the district to hide behind. I find it absurd that the district will allow a spouse of a teacher (someone who has obvious interest in the income of their family) to reside on the board, but won’t even give Randy Green a chance.

I have heard arguments that it is the law that is keeping him back, not the district; however, if this was true, I find it difficult to believe that he has the support of the district behind him. Setting up road blocks for him around every corner, I am disappointed not only in the actions of the Douglas County school board, the district, but also judge Michael Gibbons.

The other argument concerning this case is if you have one teacher, then the entire board could be taken over by teachers. I am offended by the lack of trust in the voters this argument presents. Living in a democracy, we are given benefits that are treasured and held sacred. Our last Presidential election was won by a minimal number of votes and I cannot imagine how this country would react if our government decided that instead of either of the candidates they would instead make the choice for President. That is exactly what is occurring in this county, with over 9,000 votes and Randy Green is still not being allowed to sit on the board he was righteously selected to. If nothing else, his fight for this seat has opened the community’s eyes and will hopefully one day make a difference in our county.

Teachers are people not only to be admired, but also rewarded. They are teaching the individuals who will be leading this country into the future. We are the generation that will be making the decisions while our parents are retiring and growing old. Without teachers, how prepared would we be? Randy Green is not only an amazing teacher, coach, philanthropist, but he is the greatest father that I could ever imagine having. His devotion to his family and his work has not only prepared me for life, but demonstrated to fight for what I believe in.

Dad, thank you for paving the road of success not only for me, but for all your students whose lives you impact far beyond your realization. This community will never be the same because of your dedication to improving life.

Kaycee Green is a 1999 Douglas High School graduate. She is majoring in mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno.