Growing tomatoes upside-down |

Growing tomatoes upside-down

by Don Bently

You don’t have to worry about tomato cages or stakes because the plants grow upside down with gravity and curl upward.

The leaves will turn over 180 degrees to expose their upper face to the sun and they repeat this process every hour.

Insect problems are minimized with this method as well.

An unusual oddity with the tomatoes was observed when they were ready to be picked. The bottom came to a prominent point.

Never seeing this formation before, a little research indicated that perhaps the flowers set early in the season while nights are quite cool.

The tomato shown in the photo shows the point I referred to and it measures 2.25 inches in diameter and weighed 86 grams.

If you haven’t tried this method yet, I would suggest planning to do so next year.

You will find enjoyment in experimenting with different types of containers, the benefits of problem free plants, and just having some fun watching the plant adapt to its forced growth pattern.