Group appalled by Nazi reference |

Group appalled by Nazi reference

We, the members of the non-partisan Good Governance Group, are appalled at and deny the suggestion by Terry Faff that we support any position akin to that of Nazi Germany when it comes to affordable housing (see Opinion, May 30).

Others in the community have said that GGG supports certain candidates for public office over others, and that’s untrue as well.

Therefore, we wish to set the record straight regarding our group’s vision and mission, and dispel the myths that Mr. Faff and others have been spreading during this election season and before.

The GGG envisions a county governed with transparency, and that its elected and appointed officials are fully accountable every day to those who elect or appoint them.

Transparency means that all government decision making, unless legally prohibited, is open to review and/or participation by the citizens of Douglas County.

Accountable means that the performance of all employees is thoroughly scrutinized through annual performance reviews by their supervisors, and by the public through prescribed regular elections for elected officials.

Our mission is to ensure that elected and appointed county officials conduct business in an equitable, fair and transparent manner, and are accountable to the entire electorate.

Attaining these goals requires vigilance on the part of our members, and that vigilance requires attending County Board of Commissioner, Planning Commission and Town or GID meetings, miscellaneous public hearings and workshops, all of which take time and research.

We pride ourselves in being informed and knowledgeable about local and state issues that affect all residents, and the platforms of candidates who are running for various elected positions.

To that end, we have for several months at our Tuesday noon meetings at the COD Casino in Minden, invited and heard from many of the candidates running for office. We also sponsored a public forum (at our expense) so all could hear directly from the candidates for commissioner, sheriff, and other offices.

GGG believes that informed people don’t just write letters to the editor or whine during public comment at government meetings, they get personally involved to make changes.

Some GGG members – on their own – support individual candidates, including taking on campaign leadership roles. However, that in no way implies that GGG endorses or supports those candidates or their positions. For Mr. Faff or others to say that we do is blatantly false and misleading.

If he had attended any GGG meetings, Mr. Faff would know that our members are divided on what should be done about the affordable housing issue and many other issues facing Douglas County.

The Good Governance Group will continue to pursue its vision and mission, and invites others who are so inclined to join us.

Approved and signed as requested by the members of the Good Governance Group by member Bob Ballou