Great times in America |

Great times in America

Ron Landmann


These sure are great times to be alive in America. In the past five years my wealth has gone down dramatically. My health insurance costs have gone up dramatically. The cost of gasoline has doubled. The last time the world was this scary I was just 13 years old and the United States and the Soviet Union were contemplating total nuclear warfare. Let’s face it: our government is dysfunctional. We have gone from a society that cherished the idea of American exceptionalism and have replaced it with a society that vilifies the wealthy; and, one where wealth redistribution is on the tongues of our under achievers.

I for one am having a great time watching Obama, the narcissist-in-chief, perform. Have you noticed how he likes doing the fun things associated with being president such as: flying to events in Air Force One (at the rate of $179,000 plus the expenses of the other aircraft and ground transportation involved). He likes having sports teams over to the White House for photo ops. He likes playing golf (I believe he’s over 150 games so far in his tenure). He likes having parties at the White House with whomever is famous for the next 15 minutes. He likes picking basketball “brackets” on live TV. He likes his colleagues selling access to the White House at $500,000 (minimum) a whack. But what is equally fun to watch is: he hates to make decisions. Nothing is his fault – he always finds someone else to blame or he creates a straw man. If that doesn’t work he can always blame those horrible Republicans in the House of Representatives. He does not know how to show leadership because he does not know how to lead. The Benghazi debacle is the perfect example. When the Ambassador and the other three Americans asked for help, Obama was silent. Not answering a request is in fact a decision.

I feel there is hypocrisy when the president asked the SEALS to go and take out Osama bin Laden, they acted without hesitation. But when the two SEALS in Benghazi asked for help the president didn’t take their call.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of the next four years because you never can tell what a narcissist is going to do next. Standby.