Goodbye to the sage |

Goodbye to the sage

Jean Kester


Most places beautify their highways and byways. Not us. There is no good reason for what they are doing to us on Foothill Road’s shoulder. Last time the county did the shoulders on our side street it was because “sagebrush tears up the pavement.” Uh huh. This time NDOT’s excuse is the latest buzzword. They just chew up the beautiful bushes, spit them out, and leave a huge mess so wide it makes you sick.

Besides all their other good qualities, the bushes were a great buffer from road noise. We already had a clear wide right-of-way, more than most. Now sticker bushes and weeds will come in by the millions. They always do when you take out the sage and why that is preferable is beyond me. They left the sticker bushes that were already growing but just removed the sage.

We moved here in the ’70s because we love the natural habitat, sage, bitterbrush, desert peach, etc. What is our state flower? Thank you, NDOT, for buying one point of view but making us pay, in more ways than one. I thought we were in a recession and had no money to throw down a rat hole. The only one profiting is the guy on the “destroyer” and I don’t know how he sleeps at night.