Goodbye to the cowboy of Fish Springs |

Goodbye to the cowboy of Fish Springs

Linda Monohan

Our deepest sympathy goes to Tina Daniels whose husband Jerry was injured in an accident and died on Oct. 16. Many people living in Fish Springs called Jerry Daniels “the cowboy of Fish Springs.” He was a very distinctive-looking man and his beard made him extra unique. It was longer than Santa’s and almost as white.

Jerry told me that he grew up playing cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood kids and he always wanted to be the cowboy. He smiled and said, “Everyday I watch ‘Gunsmoke’ with old Festus and the Doc drinking beer.”

Jerry came from Washington state where he worked with sheet metal and welding. His work included things like “riding the Red Iron,” the cooling towers for a nuclear power plant in Washington. In 1993 he retired out of Union Local 104 in San Jose. He met his wife Tina in Hayward and they got married 11 years ago. They settled in Fish Springs because he loved the quiet. Fish Springs has grown a lot in the last 14 years and not only is there more traffic, but the speed of the vehicles has increased. Jerry certainly didn’t like that! If we all slow down it would be a tribute to him.

The Daniels lived just west of the firehouse and we often saw them working in their well-maintained yard and outbuildings. It seemed like Jerry was always shoveling rocks around the yard. That’s a lot of work for a 68-year-old guy. We’ll miss this country cowboy. Even when we know that someone we love has gone to a better place, good-bye is always the hardest thing to say. Our sympathy goes to Tina and all the family.

Fish Springs ghost

Halloween is almost here and most of the kids in the neighborhood will be out trick or treating. Well, maybe not. There’s one scary house down the road from us where the ghost of Fish Springs lives. You’ve heard of it. It was in the National Inquirer, where “inquiring minds want to know,” and many times on television on “Unsolved Mysteries.”

This two-story wood frame Victorian-era house was originally built in Virginia City next to the cemetery, moved to Carson City and then to Fish Springs. But the owners may have gotten more than they bargained for when they bought this 150-year old home.

Strange things started happening right away. There were many loud knockings on the walls and footsteps going up and down the narrow old staircase. The house has been totally refurbished and is now one of the most beautiful homes in Fish Springs. Happy Halloween and come and see it, you’ll love it!

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