Good reasons to come to America |

Good reasons to come to America


Since the founding of this country, the United States has been the envy of freedom-loving people the world over. They have risked their all to come here and be one of us. On the other hand, some would like to change us into the kind of life they left, which causes me to wonder, “Why didn’t they just stay where they were?”

Some Americans have most of everything, while others have hardly anything. But the richest among us are those with “liberty” in their hearts. Benjamin Franklin said “when you sacrifice liberty for security you will end up with neither.” This country has tried to help and do what’s right for other countries, and it has cost the American people dearly. Some amongst us believe that no matter what we have paid to maintain our lifestyle and pursue happiness, it is never enough. For we, as Americans, are not deserving of having what other people do not have.

Have you ever wondered just why they don’t have what we have? The answer may surprise you. Bad guys cannot thrive under the premise and restrictions of the document that has given us freedom to live life to its fullest, provided we do not trample upon another’s right to do the same. What a concept. Are we lucky or what?

A concept that lead to the establishment of this “republic.” A Republic champions the individual and all that he or she can be.

Some countries refer to themselves as caring for their people, but their names say it all. U.S.S.R. – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

There’s no such thing as a “socialist republic.” That is an Oxymoron. The two are not compatible.

Then there is the People’s Republic of China – Oxymoron. There’s no such thing as Communist Republic. Then there was Nazism – the socialist republic of Germany. How about racist Italy? – Dictatorship. And let’s not forget North Korea, Vietnam, and our close Communist neighbor, Fidel Castro of Cuba. Oh, I forgot socialist France, England, and our neighbor to the north.

All of those people must be so free that there is no need to come here. Do you think that’s the case?

We all don’t wear the same clothes, and we speak many languages, and we sometimes hear from an admitted socialist who believes a socialist government is what’s best for our people.

Our Constitution stands as an obstacle to socialism, which does away with capitalism, and precedes communism, which in itself is the total absence of morality.

Are we lucky, or what?

William Barwig