Good Morning Neighbors! |

Good Morning Neighbors!

Record Courier Staff Reports

I received a call from Gail Stevens wondering if there was any interest in building a special entrance to our neighborhood.

Do you remember the brick wall that was destroyed in a vehicle accident a few years back?

Don’t you think something is missing since it came down.

Would you be interested in helping to get something put up at the entrance on Palomino Lane or possibly near the mailboxes?

Gail made some initial calls to the engineering department and learned that we would need to locate the original location and then determine if it was on private property or on the state right-of way.

If on private property, we would need to get permission from the owners.

One item Gail found out in her initial research was that on the county maps, we are known as Ruhenstroth Ranchos.

I wonder if we might want to consider changing the name but don’t know if it is even possible changing Ranchos to Ranchettes.

Most of the people she talked to were encouraging and thought it would be a good idea to showcase our great neighborhood.

But, of course, the real question is how do you feel about it?

Please let me know what you think about this project: Are you interested in helping? Do you have any ideas on a sign?

Do you think it would a good idea or not? And why?

On another note: Did each of you get your notification of the request by the Settelmeyer’s to subdivide the land they own that wraps the northwest of our neighborhood and behind the Corley Ranch. The smallest parcel would be half an acre. The Planning Commission meeting is on Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. if you have an opinion.

Since my last column, there have been changes at the paper that I want to share with you. The column will be every other Friday instead of weekly. The deadline for getting information to me will be Tuesday at noon. But if something is urgent, please let me know so I can work with you on getting the information to the editors. And above all: This is your column! I need lots of eyes and ears to cover this large area.

Have a Ramblin’ good week!

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