Good job on 395 work |

Good job on 395 work

Rajat Jain


I wish to commend the Nevada Department of Transportation and the construction crews who have been resurfacing the busy Highway 395 between Minden and Carson City. As a daily commuter, I have experienced no delays, no slow-downs, no backed up traffic, and no interruptions whatsoever due to this construction effort. Yet, each day I find myself traversing an additional stretch of 395 which has been newly resurfaced. I understand that there may be drivers out there who are inconvenienced during the night hours when the roadwork is being performed. But the project has spared the drivers who use this stretch of the highway during the heavy traffic hours of morning and evening commute.

A big thank-you to the project manager(s) and the crews who are working on this project for managing this effort while ensuring minimal disruption to our community. Your consideration and hard work is appreciated by this resident (and a daily commuter).