Good job, Jeff |

Good job, Jeff


I’d like to thank Jeff Summers for 27 years of service to the Town of Gardnerville. Jeff’s contributions to the town will long be remembered and he will be missed.

In the years I served with Jeff I found him to be the most dedicated and caring employee I have ever served with. Jeff spent countless hours often behind the scenes and in the middle of the night to make Gardnerville a better place. When rains or snow came he was doing what needed to be done so Gardnerville residents had clean, safe streets to drive on and great parks to enjoy with friends and family

Well done Jeff for all that you have done for our community of Gardnerville, and deepest gratitude for your service. I wish you all the best in your retirement and extend my deepest thanks as the former Gardnerville Town Manager and a continuing town property owner for the nearly three decades of service to the community of Gardnerville.

Jim Park