Good job, Douglas |

Good job, Douglas


I recently toured the Douglas County Animal Shelter as part of a homework project assigned by the Leadership of Douglas County course. I have to admit that I have been to the shelter before but never really inquired in depth about the facilities processes. I am thankful for the assignment to attend a tour otherwise I may have never known how well this facility is run and how dedicated the employees and volunteers are. As the economic crisis plays its part in the county’s Animal Care and Services budget, the animal shelter relies on volunteers, D.A.W.G, and now community service workers to help keep the facility in top working condition.

It is very clear to me that every animal that enters this facility has a chance at a good life and a comfortable and safe stay in the meantime. While D.A.W.G. provides equipment, food, or comfort supplies for the animals, other volunteers provide exercise, attention, and transportation for medical care, and the staff bring all this together and manage the welfare of these animals.

Because of all the people that do so much for the shelter, I am confident that this has to be one of the best places to be if you were a lost canine or cat awaiting adoption.

I am writing this letter to inform our community of the great forces that have come together to provide for the animals of our neighborhoods. Again, I may not have seen such a wonderful thing had I not been assigned to visit the shelter. Like so many others, I knew the facility was there but never thought twice about the donations and people that make it what it is. So, from a dog lover and a citizen of Douglas County …Thank you.

Heather Field