Good dogs up for adoption |

Good dogs up for adoption

Linda Jacobsen


This is in response to your article about Lily the dog who survived six months out at Holbrook Junction. Now we need to hope and pray that Lily will get the perfect loving home that she deserves. My husband (the mailman that left the marshmallows) and I have gone to visit Lily a few times at the animal shelter.

She’s just a sweet little thing, and I hope and pray she gets a new home quickly. I have to say that there are other wonderful dogs at the shelter that need homes. Other than Lily, the other one that really touched my heart is a dog named Tyson. He’s a big pit bull who was surrendered because the owners couldn’t care for him any longer. I have been told that he’s been there for four months.

The reason I mention this boy is because I know that pit bulls have been given a bad reputation. This dog, Tyson, is by far the saddest dog I’ve ever seen. I was told he’s not doing well in his small confinement at the shelter. He gets lethargic, and loses his appetite. When I met him I just stood there in awe, soaking up his beauty. He looked back at me with the saddest eyes, I’ve ever seen on a dog. He’s heartbroken and desperately needs to be adopted to the perfect family. He can’t be around other dogs or cats, and will need someone who is a strong “alpha” character., but what I’m trying to say is Tyson is lonely and sad, and needs a loving home. I would take him myself, but I have my dog Ginger, which we adopted 11 years ago, and Tyson needs to be the only animal in the house. So if you’re reading this, and in a position to maybe be able to give Tyson a second chance at life, please go visit him, and you will see the sadness that my husband Gary and I saw. I think of him everyday. Lily obviously has a great chance to be adopted, but Tyson has tougher odds against him, just because he’s a pit bull. I know we can’t save them all, but one at a time is a good start. Just make sure you are in the position to be able to make the “lifetime” commitment and not just adopt because you think it’s the t he thing to do, at that moment. These precious lives need to be brought in as a permanent part of your family, not tied to a tree (because life on a rope is no life at all)., not thrown in the backyard to suffer alone and endure the weather. These animals have feelings, so don’t adopt to neglect, but adopt to add to your family and love them forever. Go visit a shelter, and see how sad it is. These dogs don’t deserve to be abandoned or neglected. So think before you adopt and take it seriously. Change their lives.