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Going all Gardnerville on yearbook

While cool and calm prevailed over this past weekend’s Carson Valley Days celebration, sadly the question in people’s minds was “what’s up with that Carson Valley Middle School yearbook?”

One of the school’s students got into the back end of the yearbook program and added some names like “Thicc Boi” and “Yo Ma” and “Big Forehead” to the index.

We ended up spotting five of the fake names, but there might be more. We couldn’t connect the names to any particular student’s photo, but the vandal might have had someone in mind when writing them. We don’t know.

Apparently, the school district didn’t discover the issue until the day before the story broke on a Reno television station.

Residents took to Facebook to express their horror that the names weren’t caught in proofreading.

Comments ran the gamut from replacing the $40 yearbooks to firing the superintendent.

The student has been disciplined and we suspect none of the adults who had their fingerprints anywhere in the vicinity will ever be allowed near a Douglas yearbook again.

We’re reminded of a time only eight years ago when an issue at Carson Valley Days brought down a ban on throwing candy at our parades.

What if the end result of all this is that the middle schools stop doing yearbooks altogether?

That would be a sad, but completely understandable, reaction to this entire saga.

One of the dangers of treating everything like it’s the most important thing in the world, is that it becomes more difficult to sort out what’s really important.

The school district has announced it will issue replacement pages for the marred ones, but we wager that owners of those yearbooks may actually keep them intact. We doubt the originals will be collector’s items, but there will be at least a few students who will look back at this across the years, and reminisce about the Great Gardnerville Yearbook Battle of 2019.