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Go get ’em, Tigers

There were only a dozen Douglas County High School graduates in 1919, and 10 of them were women.

The number was up to 17 in 1944, counting the four students who graduated mid-semester.

Both classes were in school while war raged across the globe. World War I had just ended seven months before the Class of 1919 graduated, while D-Day was two days before graduation ceremonies for the Class of 1944.

Today marks the 111th high school class to graduate from Douglas.

The first high school graduation was held June 12, 1908. The graduates were Oliver Hougner, Mary Hellwinkel, Mathilda Jepsen and Lillian Heitman.

The total number of graduates from those three classes wouldn’t make much of a dent in the Class of 2019, which isn’t even Douglas’ largest.

Nearly 350 students are expected to don cap and gown today and walk into the future. Regardless of their plans and prospects, they will all have one thing in common, that no one can take away from them. They will have a high school degree that lists Minden, Nev.

The students who are graduating today will be leaders and teachers, professors and professionals, workers, law enforcement officers, soldiers, sailors, Marines and even a few agriculturalists.

They are the tip of the arrow that will fly into the world, bringing a little bit of Carson Valley with them wherever they go.

Good luck to all of our graduates.