Give to those you know |

Give to those you know

Seven men were arrested on Saturday after Carson City deputies responded to residents’ reports that the group was going door-to-door soliciting money for an organization known as Something for Soldiers Sales LLC.

The same group apparently had been in the northern portion of Douglas County earlier that day, with at least one Indian Hills resident reporting he gave $50 to the group.

Something for Soldiers Sales isn’t a nonprofit. It’s a private business that solicits money door-to-door, and says it uses some of the money to send care packages to troops serving overseas.

We don’t know enough about the business to know how much of the $50 the Indian Hills resident gave them actually translates into something that goes overseas, but we do know that mailing anything is expensive.

That’s because we have a group here in Carson Valley that actually does mail things to the troops. Coordinated for many years by gold star mom Sally Wiley, no one is making any money off the operation. Sally is happy to share the results of the group’s labors.

That’s not something we’re seeing from outfits like Something for Soldiers or CarePackage Campaign.

What we do know is that when the group’s members were arrested in Carson, they had a hard time providing information about the business. We’ve heard that Something for Soldiers hires young men who’ve had difficulties with the law. We know that if we were to send employees out into the world, who might come to the attention of law enforcement, we would ensure that they had sufficient evidence that they were legitimately employed.

It’s almost always a bad idea to give people money when they come to your door, whether it’s for care packages or magazines.

Unless the door-to-door salesperson is a little kid and has a box of cookies or Jamboree tickets, we suggest saving your money for the charities you know.