Give master plan update some time |

Give master plan update some time

By today both the Corleys and the residents of Ruhenstroth will have an answer to the question as to whether the northern part of that ranch will be a receiving area.

This isn’t about that.

It’s about the master plan, which will be subject to revision this year and into the next.

We’ve had some experience with the master plan over the 20 years since it was first adopted, and yet there’s always a surprise in there somewhere.

With the tide of development heading south from Gardnerville, one of those surprises that there are community plans that prohibit commercial development.

For instance, the Fish Springs community plan prohibits urban land uses.

One of Thursday’s requests at the county commission meeting is to remove the tourist commercial zoning on the northern Genoa Lakes course, placed there in the original master plan. Johnson Lane’s community plan limits commercial development to neighborhood commercial, even though there’s a couple of industrial parks located just south of the road.

One of the major controversies while the plan was under construction in 1990s was whether there should be a moratorium on amendments to the plan while work is underway.

Both of Thursday’s plan amendments entered the pipeline before the county determined what exactly it was going to do about the master plan, but it seems to us that a temporary moratorium might be in order.

We don’t anticipate too many huge projects coming forward in the next year, but one thing we know about hitting targets is that it’s easier if they’re not moving.