Getting farther from the people |

Getting farther from the people

A proposal before the Nevada Legislature that would establish a central commission that would evaluate local and regional economic development authorities and control their funding sounds like more government we could do without.

In a perfect world, the market would be allowed to determine economic development with the government maintaining a minimum level of regulation applied evenly to all parties.

But unfortunately government has become entangled in the world of business, with a variety of development authorities operating in the state.

Under Assembly Bill 449, there would be only three economic development organizations in the state, one northern, one southern and one for rural Nevada.

When it comes to economic development, or a variety of other things, Nevada is not a one-size-fits-all kind of state. It’s not even a three-sizes-fits-all kind of state.

We assume that those counties included in the Northern Nevada Development Authority would either be included in the northern or rural organizations, or divided between them, no matter what their common goals might be.

Is Elko northern or rural? What about Douglas County?

Certainly, both have very different needs when it comes to economic development.

We recognize the value of economic development, and that’s why we feel organizations devoted to that cause should remain as regional as possible.