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Get the right facts

Gregg Fliegel, Topaz Ranch Estates

History repeats?

I would think that someone making that claim would actually know something about the subject. In reply to Mr. Cunningham’s letter on Saturday, neither Hitler nor Napoleon was executed.

While fighting is not fun, it is sometimes a necessity. What these terrorists did, in comparison, actually makes the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor appear honorable. At least Hitler, Tojo and Napoleon left return addresses.

I know that in the history I have witnessed during the last 20 years, we have taken terrorist atrocities without much reply. I remember shipmates dying on the beaches of Iran during a rescue attempt gone bad. I remember an American tourist confined to a wheelchair thrown from the deck of a cruise ship. And those are only a few incidents.

I also want you to know that I am a Democrat, but by no means a liberal. We have been attacked on our own soil. If you don’t want to stand up and fight for that, then I’m not sure you’d fight for anything.

I support our president completely in this battle. Maybe, if we destroy these terrorists once and for all, we can have the peaceful world you desire. Osama bin Laden is an outlaw and nothing more. And I’m not so sure he wanted a war where he stands alone against us.