Geography not that meaningful here |

Geography not that meaningful here

We’ve heard some complaining that there aren’t more details being released about where the residents who have come down with the coronavirus live.

We can’t help but wonder if people think that if it’s not in their town, they are safe.

But the truth is we’re very mobile people. Before the outbreak reduced the number of commuters, there were 30,000 vehicle trips a day up and down Highway 395 through Indian Hills. Pretty much half of the working people in the county are either commuting to or from this place every day.

Those who commute to Carson City and Reno from Gardnerville could have been exposed anywhere along the way, including their hometown, Minden and Indian Hills.

Shoppers from points south and east arrive at Gardnerville on a daily basis.

If you heard that the person was living in Topaz Ranch Estates, that might offer a false sense of security, even though that person shopped in Gardnerville and dined out in Minden, and commuted to Carson for work before starting to show symptoms.

That doesn’t even delve into the wacky geographical mess that is Douglas County where Topaz Ranch Estates is Wellington, Topaz Lake is Gardnerville, everywhere in the Valley north of First Street is Minden and Indian Hills is Carson City.

The story about a Gardnerville Ranchos daycare closing shows that health officials are following up with those who test positive to find out where they’ve been.

If you stand a good chance of being exposed, you will be contacted, but otherwise act as if everyone you meet is positive for the virus.

Wash your hands and keep them away from your face. Limit your contacts as much as possible. That’s the goal.

And remember while you’re keeping six feet of social distance to perhaps keep some social media distance, as well, or at least treat what you learn there with a grain of salt.