Genoa’s problems aren’t just Genoa’s |

Genoa’s problems aren’t just Genoa’s

Record Courier Staff Reports

It would be easy to write off the debate about Candy Dance as a Genoa problem. After all, the town is isolated from the rest of the Valley, has its own tax rate and supplements its income through Candy Dance.

However, Genoa’s problems are not just Genoa’s.

The town is a creature of Douglas County, just as Minden and Gardnerville are.

But there the resemblance ends.

Genoans have a lower tax rate than the other two towns, thanks exclusively to Candy Dance.

Should the annual event tank for any reason, there are really only three options to deal with those mandated services.

The first is for the town to raise taxes to support itself. Besides the political whirlwind this would stir up, an increase to the same level as Gardnerville and Minden might not raise enough money to maintain the town.

The second option is for the town to expand its boundaries to surrounding areas, including Genoa Lakes and perhaps even further north. While maintaining the tax rate for the town, that would mean a substantial tax increase for people who weren’t previously paying taxes to the town.

The third option is for the county to take over the town’s services, which include maintaining drainage, the town park, streets, and street lights.

Some residents fear the county would not give the town the same level of support offered at present by the town. At any rate the town would be a drag on county resources which could well be used elsewhere.

That is why keeping Candy Dance alive and healthy is beneficial to all county residents.