Genoa rides again |

Genoa rides again

Founded to provide an alternative source of income to Candy Dance, Genoa hoped a Cowboy Poetry Festival would be a moneymaker.

It hasn’t turned out to be, so far. The question this year is the same as the one asked by town board members last year. Is it worth the struggle to make not quite enough money to purchase a 2000 Ford Explorer?

Last year the town called together experts from all sorts of touristy pursuits and they suggested that less poetry and more music might be the ticket to success.

This year’s event might have proven that to be wrong, with the traditional event selling out, while the effort to attract a younger audience fell short.

While it was hardly a hearty “Hi Ho Silver,” it sounds like Genoa is preparing for a fifth cowboy festival despite only clearing $4,200 from the fourth one. While businesses and county officials expressed enthusiasm for the event, town board members said it’s got a lot of moving parts and finding volunteers to keep those parts lubricated may be difficult.

They’ll be looking for committee directors and a commitment of warm bodies, about 200 of them, to help keep the event alive.

The good news is that the event didn’t lose money this year, or the year before that.

There’s no question that Nevada’s first settlement is definitely a tourist draw, and that Cowboy has benefitted businesses both in and outside of Genoa.

This fifth Cowboy Festival will be an opportunity for Genoa to improve fundraising, while continuing to provide a worthwhile attraction to Carson Valley.