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Genoa complaints

So what are all the complaints about the Letters policy

Letters to the editor concerning candidates and issues on the Nov. 5 ballot must be submitted no later than Oct. 24.

This is to allow rebuttals before the election. Oct. 30 will be the final issue that will contain letters regarding the Nov. 5 election.

Letters about candidates should focus on specific issues and how the candidate will address them, not on personal characteristics or impressions. Letters on ballot questions should address the merits of the proposals.

Letters are run as space allows. Letters should be 300 words or less.

To submit a letter by email, copy the text and paste it into the body of the message, and address it to Writers must include their names, phone number and town or city of residence for verification purposes.

Letters can also be submitted by fax or traditional mail.

For information, call 782-5121.

concerts? The music is not loud rock and roll, or rap or hard metal. There’s little good music and a place where an older person or younger can go without having to go into a smoke-filled casino with the clink of the slots. Frankly, I feel it is just a handful of people doing the complaining.

Jeanne Fields

Carson City

Sept. 27