Genoa children raising money for swingset |

Genoa children raising money for swingset

Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa girls Shaylynn and Whitney Walters, Elizabeth Billman and Liliana Adamson are helping in the effort to install a swingset at Genoa Park by selling lemonade at the Sweet Sippin’ Sundays this weekend.

The girls had a successful weekend, raising $200 during Candy Dance, and hope to make a dent in the $2,000 they need to pay for the play equipment.

Genoa resident Marty Adamson got the swingset approved by the Genoa Town Board for placement in the park, and Genoa Company will install it, according to Shaylynn and Whitney’s dad, Dan Walters.

The overall cost is $4,400, but they’ve got $2,400, mostly thanks to donations from Donna Browder in memory of her daughter Ashley.

The lemonade stand will be set up at Trimmer Outpost. If you miss the weekend and want to donate, you can do so at the Genoa Country Store or Trimmer Outpost.

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That the children are willing to pitch in to make the swingset a reality follows a fine old Nevada tradition of not relying on the government to get things done. The shutdown of the government is a reminder that there was a time in this country when people did for themselves instead of worrying what the government was going to do for them.

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