Genoa celebrates its inner cowboy |

Genoa celebrates its inner cowboy

Kurt Hildebrand

Genoa is bringing the Old West to Nevada’s first settlement this weekend. The fourth edition of the town’s Cowboy festival starts in town today.

While work continues on the improvements Genoans hope are in place by September, most of the action will take place away from the curb and dirt work.

Visitors will be greeted by a new trail between town and Walley’s Hot Springs, and they may have an opportunity to enjoy the new carrillon bells that were installed at the town hall on Tuesday.

These improvements and others currently in the pipline are an indication that Douglas County and town residents know Nevada’s oldest settlement is also Carson Valley’s premier tourist attraction.

It’s fitting that the town appeared on the cover of the travel magazine Via this month, which included a list of five things to do when visiting.

With two museums, a state park and a long history, Genoa remains a popular spot to while away a few hours shopping, touring its various drinking establishments or just enjoying the afternoon under a friendly shade tree.

Between Candy Dance and the town building rentals, Genoa has been making money off its history for years. Nowhere in Carson Valley is it more obvious that our future here depends on how well we market our past.

And if the town manages to bring in some extra money to support itself in the process, that’s money the county’s taxpayers won’t have to spend down the road.