Generous community |

Generous community


Benevolent, compassionate, giving, merciful, thoughtful D There are so many words that come to mind as I try to pen my thanks to a community that has gone above and beyond itself to reach out to less fortunate neighbors. The only expression of what I have witnessed in and through the kind people of our community throughout the month of December is scripture: James 1:27 and Proverbs 14:21.

Pure religion that is acceptable to God is to look after orphans and widows and to have mercy on the poor in their distress, in doing so, keeps oneself from being polluted by the world.

I cannot find the appropriate words to express how deeply you are appreciated. It goes without saying, had it not been for “you,” Christmas would not have been for a lot of families. So, to say thank you to a community that so well deserves unfettered appreciation for its gifts of love, time, money and energy seems so insignificant; none the less, I say thank you. It is an honor to live in a community whose concern for his fellowman is so enthusiastically wrought.

Cary Jackson

Family Support Council

Jan. 2