General election may be real test |

General election may be real test

Record Courier Staff Reports

There is an argument being made that Doug Johnson’s victory in the primary election could be directly related to his endorsement by the Sustainable Growth Committee.

Some believe the defeat of Question 1 might be traced to some of the same spirit. The argument has been made against school bonds that better facilities makes the valley more attractive to home buyers. More homebuyers means more growth and more growth means more houses.

That argument seems a little more debatable. Even the argument that Johnson’s victory was a plebiscite for slow growth is weakened when a primary turn-out of less than 50 percent is taken into account.

The real test will come in November when Commission Chairman Kelly Kite, who has been clear in his opposition to the Sustainable Growth Initiative, faces Edie Webber, who is endorsed by the Sustainable Growth Committee.

Kite is well-financed and has had the experience of at least two elections.

However, Webber is highly motivated and has served as a city councilwoman and mayor in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

This year’s presidential race will ensure a large voter turn-out, making it tough to second guess the outcome.

As far as the Sustainable Growth Initiative is concerned, the November election could decide whether the county will continue to pursue its opposition to the initiative.

While good news for initiative proponents, it won’t mean the challenge to the initiative, presently winding its way through the Supreme Court, will go away.