Gazebo envy? |

Gazebo envy?


Here we go again with the route of the Parade of Lights. After last year’s fiasco I was told that there would be meetings to address the issue, and that I would be contacted to help with solutions. Well, here it is a week away and I, like Nancy Aguilar, never heard a peep about any meetings or discussions. I’m sure that whoever is in charge of the route (Town of Gardnerville, Chamber of Commerce, Douglas County Sheriff, no one will take responsibility) thinks that they have solved the problem, but they have only made it worse by adding one block of downtown to the route. We have existing and new businesses in downtown Gardnerville that are left completely out of the route. Does the town not know where the boundaries are? They have decorated at the gateway to Gardnerville, but are leaving that out also. I fail to see how this change has accomplished anything but more hard feelings. Why the route does not start on Toler in front of Gardnerville Elementary, like the CV Days parade use to do, is beyond me. It is my opinion that we have a gazebo envy going on between Minden and Gardnerville, and it has to stop.

Kathi Hussman