Gardnerville residents celebrate 65th anniversary |

Gardnerville residents celebrate 65th anniversary

Staff Reports

Hank and Margaret Olesen were married 65 years ago on Nov. 28, 1942, during World War II in Burbank, Calif. Hank was born in Connecticut in 1914 and Margaret in Los Angeles a few years later.

The Olesens met on a blind date set up by Margaret’s cousin. She said after about three dates that she knew she was in love with Hank.

“We liked the same things – driving out in the desert, ice skating, not going to bars,” Margaret said. “We really hit it off. After 65 years, I’m still in love with him.”

After the war, the Olesens lived in Los Angeles, Garden Grove and moved to Carson Valley 18 years ago. They enjoyed hiking and riding Hank’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The Olesens went up in a hot air balloon on their 50th anniversary. They will celebrate their 65th anniversary at Barone & Reed Food Company.

Their son Jack, his wife and two college-age children live in Spring, Texas. Their daughter Christine resides in Gardnerville.