Gardnerville author releases second book |

Gardnerville author releases second book

by Caryn Haller

Shortly after President Barack Obama announced he was running for re-election Janie Johnson started tweeting.

One year later, the Gardnerville author has compiled her tweets into the book, “Obama 2012 Slogans Rewritten: Biting Political Humor on a Foundation of Truth, Patriotism, and Wisdom.”

“My book is geared towards anyone who is going to be voting. It’s designed to expose Obama’s uber-liberal philosophy as opposed to his deceptive talking points,” Johnson said. “My hope is people will decide for themselves and understand who Obama really is and will vote him out of office.”

Johnson’s book includes nearly 1,000 mock Obama 2012 slogans that show what the author believes are Obama’s anti-business, anti-capitalism and anti-American exceptionalism philosophy and policies.

“I make them funny so they flow. They’re slogans like he would use for his campaign if he were telling the truth,” Johnson said. “It’s often hidden by his clever rhetoric what he really means. The slogans are rewritten to represent what and who Obama truly is and not who he pretends to be.”

Some of her sample slogans are “We turn safety nets into hammocks,” “We don’t call them illegal aliens – we call them unregistered Democrats” and “Obama has a dream. You wouldn’t like it.”

The slogans are broken up into 53 chapters covering different subjects from foreign policy to national defense.

“My hope is these slogans will reveal both a serious and engaging message,” Johnson said.

On Dec. 30, Johnson discussed her book on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show, and was contacted to be a guest on the Sean Hannity radio show as well.

“It was excellent. We talked about the slogans and what they mean,” Johnson said. “He thought it was very sharp and smart, and said I nailed it all.”

“Obama 2012 Slogans Rewritten: Biting Political Humor on a Foundation of Truth, Patriotism, and Wisdom” is available at

For more information, visit Johnson’s website at