Function of government |

Function of government

We the people are currently being ask to tax ourselves once again “for the children,” claiming that what is wrong with K-12 education is a funding shortage. Once the assumption is sold, which seems to be done, then the search for someone or something to tax begins.

The current business margin tax which is due to be voted on by the voters in the next election is one such source of revenue. This taxing idea begs a couple of questions. First, do you believe that the revenue will all go to education? And, do you believe that the teachers union has the duty and responsibility to initiate a tax on the people?

Another aspect of this fraud is that it carries no political responsibility for those people whose job it is to propose and legislate taxes, how clever! All that is required to lure those do gooders in our midst to vote to be taxed is the propaganda campaign which will be funded by the teachers union.

Finally, the prime function of government is not to perpetuate itself by creative financing, it is to facilitate commerce, and safeguard citizens.

Bob Brummer