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Full of hot air


The recent political advertisements filling our TV screens requesting us to write to Sen. Harry Reid to thank him for creating green jobs that include windmills and wind farms are both misleading and intentionally deceptive.

An article in the Nov. 29 Wall Street Journal cites some of relevant statistical facts for Texas “wind-related” new jobs that tell the real story behind what Reid wants to be praised for. Though the numbers may vary a bit from state to state, what is generally true in Texas is also true here. Quoting Texas State Comptroller Susan Combs, “each wind-related job in Texas is costing the taxpayers $1.75 million.” Wind-driven electrical power has never been cost effective, particularly when the cost of each wind-related job is so costly to taxpayers. The power companies are fully aware of this. What makes the power companies engage in this insane waste of taxpayers money is the production federal tax credit that allows them to profit from otherwise wasteful and inefficient electric power production. Without the credit the power companies would never invest their own money in such waste and inefficiency because there is simply no timely payback.

Would you invest your money in something that might need replacement years before you got even a fraction or your investment back in return? Then why is it so great when Reid does it with our money? What Reid really needs is a kick in the pants and a swift end to his political career. Harry’s recent advertisements are at best based on half truths. Yes, Harry has created some well-needed jobs , but not at a cost we can afford. Harry is a master of deception using half-truths and other political trickery designed to make the voter keep re-electing him. Reid is making fools of those who fail to carefully examine the facts.

Bert Barnes