Frustrating process |

Frustrating process

Chris Weatherbee


Let me tell you a story. We tried to buy a house here in Gardnerville. We made our offer (which was more than their asking price), and were told that because there was a second offer, we would have to wait 10 days to see if any other offers came in. After the 10 days, we were told that we need to make our best offer (I’m sorry, we exceeded your price), which we promptly said we already did. Then we were told that the second buyer dropped out, and that our offer was accepted. Now here we are, two signings later, and the seller still won’t release the house, and wants us to agree to yet another extension of maybe two weeks from now, with still no explanation of why.

So our choices are to allow this seller to play with us like puppets on a string, or not agree to the extension, which is what we have decided to do. Meanwhile, the seller, even though he is in breech of contract, will have no repercussions and we are left scarred and bloody on the side of the road with no home for our troubles. If you want to know what is wrong with the housing market, and our society as a whole, look no further than how good honest people were treated in this transaction.