Thanks for supporting guitars for veterans


Guitars for Vets works with the VA health care system to bring the healing power of music to Veterans who are dealing with the stress of being exposed to war. After 10 weeks of custom guitar lessons from our, students receive a graduation package worth $200 that includes a new Yamaha acoustic guitar and accessories.

Recently, our local Walmart made a generous Community Grant to the G4V organization. This will be extremely helpful for accommodating our Veterans who are in the waiting list for guitar lessons at our VA Community Based Outpatient Clinic.

I would especially like to thank Erik Schumann and Angel Cooper of the Gardnerville Walmart Supercenter #5864 for considering our request, and for recommending approval of the grant.

For more information, visit the Guitars for Vets website:

If you are interested in donating or volunteering as a guitar instructor, please contact G4V Gardnerville chapter coordinator, Gary B Swift. 775-350-9454 (leave message).

Gary Swift


Code of the West


Sheriff Coverly’s statement: “He shot at us…and we shot at him.” Right out of the Old Nevada West.

John Engels

Chambers Field

Taxpayers owe casinos nothing


Nice to know that a bill that affects all Douglas County taxpayers in a detrimental way just sailed through the Senate at the Legislature. The article in the Record-Courier (“Tahoe convention center bill passes State Senate,” April 24, 2019) falls far short of actually informing its readers of the travesty going on up at the lake.

Yes, you could call it a “convention center bill,” but in reality it’s an “event center bill” regarding which the taxpayers of Douglas County will be picking up a large portion and shouldering ALL of the financial risk. A long time ago (1997) some folks here in Nevada thought it would be a good idea to locate a convention center in the casino corridor. Those were back in the days when the businesses along that corridor contributed a sizable percentage of the county’s funding.

But even then, the NRS that created the Tahoe Visitors Authority (TVA) didn’t set up any pipeline for county taxpayers to underwrite the project. What they did put in place was the mandate that the TVA work toward development of a convention center, and the funding mechanism would be the transient occupancy tax.

So what happened? Where’s the “convention center?” Well, South Lake Tahoe got in the act and dug a big hole as part of its own convention center effort, but the redevelopment agency it formed in order to bilk California taxpayers out of their hard earned dollars for the project too-risky for private industry to undertake was dissolved along with all other redevelopment agencies (because they were ruining the ability of the state to manage its finances).

Other mitigating circumstances included 9/11, the big 2007 crash, and the scandal associated with Redevelopment Agency No. 1 (that our county eagerly embraced despite the California example of how ill-advised they are). But, never to say never, the TVA (and the casinos) like a phoenix from the ashes, cooked up a new “Redevelopment” scheme so dizzying it’s hard to believe anyone could fall for it — but Douglas County’s commissioners at the time did, and they—along with present Commissioners Walsh, Penzel, and Rice — are taking down the taxpayers with them.

They got some Las Vegas “expert” company to label the 5-star Edgewood Hotel and the million-dollar condos at the Beach Club as blighted, moments before both opened for business. This enabled the new Redevelopment Area No. 2 to rake off all new tax revenue from these enterprises and spend it ($100 million plus) not on things the county desperately needs, like infrastructure or a new judicial building, but on the “event center” and other true fripperies (such as a $7 million beautification of Kahle Drive (the entrance to the Beach Club project).

No taxpayer in this county outside the casino corridor should be sitting on the sidelines and letting this happen. This is “crony capitalism” at its worst. If an “event center” is such a great idea, let the billion-dollar casino owners build it. We taxpayers owe them nothing.

Virginia Starrett


Issue permits for guns


I hope there is no one in our community that thinks convicted felons or those who are mentally unstable or who are on the terrorist watch list should own guns. So, that being said, how do we stop these designates from getting them?

The following are some thoughts that may help resolve some of the issues with gun controls and gun rights. Hopefully this will stimulate some dialogue and creative thinking so a real solution can be found.

When you reach the legal age to drive or just moved to the state you go to the DMV to get a permit to drive, AKA, a drivers license. You are tested for knowledge of the road and checked for any physical problems that would disqualify you from driving., Never, during this process are you asked if you own a vehicle. This drivers license just states that you are qualified to drive a car.

Let’s apply this philosophy to background checks. When you want to purchase a gun you simply apply for a weapons purchase permit. You supply all the required ID data and maybe even get your picture taken. When your background is checked and you are OK to purchase a weapon, you are issued a permit. You can now go to any gun dealer and purchase a gun or two guns or six guns (pun intended) by just showing your permit that is good for five years. The dealer records your permit number and the weapons serial number on a ledger so he can demonstrate a legal sale to Uncle Sam.

What is different about this process is that the government does not have a great database in the cloud that has your background check info and your gun info in the same place. If there comes a need to check on a given weapon Uncle can go to the weapons manufacturer and trace the weapon to the dealer, contact the dealer to find out who it was sold to and then search the permit data base to identify the name of the purchaser. It is more cumbersome and private but still works.

Now the private sale issue. A part of this new law would be a provision that anyone who sells a weapon privately and does not verify that the purchaser has a valid weapon permit can be held as an accessory to any crime committed using said weapon. If you want to sell your weapon to your nieces husband’s best friend who does not have a permit, you can, but you can be held liable. It’s your choice. Or if you want to sell your weapon to a stranger off the street who doesn’t have a permit, you say he must get one before you can transact business. It becomes his problem, not yours.

There is no reason why this kind of legislation couldn’t be enacted as a state law. What do you think Gov. Steve?

Terry Faff