Free ice cream no solution |

Free ice cream no solution

Ron Landmann


Irene Rice’s letter to the editor “Romney loss not a big surprise” was interesting. She infers that part of the reason Romney lost is because the Tea Party is out of touch with the rest of America. From what I know, the Tea Party is made up of small business owners and working class American’s who like the U.S. Constitution and our capitalistic economic model.

Why I think Ms. Rice is totally wrong in her missive can be explained in the parable of two young girls running for eighth-grade class president.

With a general assembly scheduled for Nov. 6, each girl was to prepare to address the student body and explain why she would be best for the job.

Mary worked hard.

She studied the school budget, looked at the work of past class presidents, conferred with teachers and sought out the hardest working students for their opinions. Betty went around the campus and slammed Mary’s hard work.

On the day of the school assembly Mary won the coin toss and presented her reasons for wanting the class president job.

She was thoughtful, well prepared and did an admirable job explaining her position.

Betty stood before the student body and said, “If you vote for me, I’ll give you all free ice cream.” Betty won by a landslide.

What we witnessed on Nov. 6 was the result of the uninformed and the under-informed voting for a narcissistic conman who promised to give Americans free ice cream.

It had little to do with the Tea Party. America could have voted for a successful business man to run “America Inc.” the world’s largest corporation, but the idea of getting “free stuff” was just too much for college students and union members to ignore.

Americans will find out in the next 50 months that there are consequences to casting a ballot.