Free enterprise key to freedom |

Free enterprise key to freedom

On Friday, The Record-Courier conducted its 24th Best of Carson Valley awards. Just the previous day, during the Critical Issues Conference, Douglas County gave out its Spotlight Awards to seven businesses ranging in size from Angler’s Edge to Caesar’s Entertainment.

We’re not going to mince words. Business is critical to Douglas County’s future.

From the little shops that line Main Street in Gardnerville and Minden to the major corporations that have chosen Douglas County as a home, they provide a tax base that helps support many of the services we enjoy.

Even the sales tax they raise, while not quite enough to fully support the county, are sufficient to keep counties that are contributing to Douglas from making too much noise at the Legislature to cut us off.

On the property tax side, the top nine businesses in the county account for more than 7.5 percent of its assessed valuation, with Caesars at the top of that list.

None of that accounts for the paychecks residents collect and spend, at least in part, here. It also doesn’t account for donations made by these businesses to local organizations. If you want proof, check the regular thank-you letters published by The R-C.

As romantic as the claims to a cowboy past are, Douglas was founded by shopkeepers, who sold their wares to passing miners. Genoa, Gardnerville and Minden all had mercantile origins.

This very publication continues to exist thanks to the support of its advertisers. We believe in free enterprise and practice it every day.