Forfeiting rights |

Forfeiting rights


Having voted against every Senate bill to support the Wwar in Iraq, and declaring that Bush’s surge would fail, Obama has proudly stated tonight that he kept his campaign promise to bring our combat troops home with honor … their mission having been accomplished (i.e. an Iraq free to determine its future).

This, of course, having been Bush’s goal and timetable. What is now required is acceptance of Obama’s Churchillian eloquence, modesty, courage and sagacity in leadership. At the home he is considered a “millileader”… periodically reevaluated (moments later), he is still considered a “millileader.”

We have a Marxist puppet that hasn’t led a Cub Scout unit as commander in chief of our armed forces. To enhance his curriculum vitae we have a street organizer that hasn’t had the experience of an 8-year-old entrepreneur running a lemonade stand “transforming” (read destroying) our economy.

What is devastating is that what I just wrote is the truth. In spite of continued, slavish, midstream media coverage (though Zuckerman, etal are breaking ranks) large cracks are appearing in the Obama mystique. It would be fitting if transparency was his downfall. Obama has stated that our Constitution is an “impediment.” That should be a clue. Our Declaration of Independence makes it clear that our rights are endowed by our “creator.” The founders were scrupulous in limiting the power of government to usurp those rights.

Obama and the Chicago on the Potomac mob are usurpers. They are surreptitiously passing laws contravening the will of the American people and taking away their rights. Fortunately they are being outed. Informed Americans won’t tolerate having their rights (liberty) forfeited. Pass the word.

Dick Witzig