For every big case 1,000 more |

For every big case 1,000 more

R-C Editorial Board

The continuing saga of North Las Vegas Assemblyman Steven Brooks brought up an interesting point in the struggle with workplace violence.

A state employee filed a report with the Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration that Brooks posed a danger in the workplace.

According to an article appearing last week, every Nevada employer “has a duty to provide a workplace free of recognized hazards.”

Most of us read this as a requirement to make sure there aren’t any live wires hanging from the ceiling or trip hazards where someone could hurt themselves.

Brooks’ misadventures have been front page news throughout the state. He was arrested in mid-January after it was reported he’d threatened the Assembly Speaker and fellow Democrat Marilyn Kirkpatrick.

On Feb. 10 he was again taken into custody by Las Vegas authorities in connection with a domestic battery.

Unfortunately, for every politician or celebrity who goes through a very public meltdown, there are a thousand people struggling with their own personal demons we don’t hear about.

While Mr. Brooks’ position shines the light of publicity on his problems, others suffer in silence until some spectacular act attracts attention.

Our hope is that the medical attention Mr. Brooks appears to need will be forthcoming. And that at some point we find a way to help those with similar issues before they become news.