Five years too long to wait for better roads |

Five years too long to wait for better roads


Why are Douglas County commissioners having a five-year delay on road maintenance? You guessed it. They can’t get all the commissioners together at one time. Should we let them off the hook one more time?

In the meantime, our roads like Waterloo to Highway 88 are disgracefully gone to the road pit. You’d think that this part of the road would be first priority?

As for the traffic signal at Airport Road and Highway 395, you have to be kidding. This is among the five-year plan. What a joke. The signal will never be built, and this is called moving forward. By the way don’t you think the traffic signal should be installed at Muller Drive east of Highway 395 with a four-lane road already built that some day will tie into Pine Nut Road and Highway 395?

So, you think this would be feasible to install the signal at Muller. This would also slow down traffic prior to coming up on Airport Road. How many more traffic accidents or deaths will we have in five more years. Good luck, commissioners on your five-year road plan.

J. Damann