FISH’s good work |

FISH’s good work

Rick Halbardier


Sheryl Luxon wrote you a week ago asking “Why is FISH so expensive?”

I, like Sheryl have been a resident of the Carson Valley community for 21 years and have witnessed cost of goods rise all around us.

Friends In Service Helping is an organization that is based in three communities here in Northern Nevada …Moundhouse, Carson City and Gardnerville. FISH provides assistance in multiple forms to individuals that are in need within our community such as food, shelter, counseling, tax preparation, medical services, employment, etc.

FISH performs much of this good work through generating revenue from their community-based thrift stores. If it were not for the generous support of good people in our community donating both volunteer time and excess clothing, furniture, books, etc. to FISH and in turn having citizens within our community shop and spend their hard earned money at FISH, then FISH would not be able to perform the great work that they do.

This would be yet one more example of a breakdown in the social thread that binds us all together as a community.

Many people do not realize that when you dump (not donate) an old TV, computer or a refrigerator that is not in an operable, saleable condition, that it often cost FISH upwards of $25 (per item) to haul these items to the local landfill and pay the various disposal fees.

The FISH management and staff are experts in retail merchandising and knowing what their customers will buy and how it should be priced in order to maximize sufficient revenue to support the various services FISH provides our community.  It is important to drop donations off or call for a pickup during normal business hours. Do not dump items at their backdoor in the middle of the night – it simply increases the cost of doing business for the FISH organization which in turn is reflected in the price of merchandise we buy at their stores.

I was volunteering one day at the FISH store in Gardnerville and witnessed 10 old TV’s being loaded on the FISH truck destined for the landfill. This is $250 that could have been used to help others in our community.

Let’s take responsibility for our actions as individuals within our society and not use our community based Thrift Stores as a dumping ground for old excess junk.

The FISH management, staff and volunteers are dedicated to you; they work hard to keep their stores nice, clean, safe and inviting. The FISH management, staff and volunteers are friendly, helpful and price items fairly to support the operational overhead of their non-profit business.

FISH is no different than any other type of organization/business … they have daily operational expenses such as rents, utilities, insurances, payroll, etc. there are no luxury frills at FISH that would classify them as a boutique. FISH is simply good people working hard to support programs for individuals that are in need. We owe it to ourselves and our community to support this great organization.