Fish Springs |

Fish Springs

by Linda Monohan

Are you cuddled up in front of the fireplace, sitting in your favorite chair just relaxing and reading the paper this morning? Hope so. You deserve some down-time, some peace and quiet after the frantic pace of December. We all do. And we certainly hope it was a beautiful Christmas for you and all your family.

Did Santa bring your a special present this year? I should first ask if you were a good boy or girl all year long. Norbert, (my husband), was pretty good, but Mrs. Claus ran a little short of shopping time, so I had to resort to a plan my mama taught me when I was a little girl. I was the middle of seven kids and we didn’t get an “allowance.” Came Christmas time and I was running out of ideas for a gift for my Daddy. My mother suggested I give him his very favorite cigarettes, Lucky Strike. There was always a carton of them in the top drawer of his bedroom dresser. So, I pushed a chair over to the dresser, climbed on it, and took a pack of Lucky’s out of the carton. Mama gave me some wrapping paper and I taped it together real good. I was very pleased with my gift, and so was my Dad on Christmas morning.

Thought I’d try that trick on Norbert this year. Each Christmas, and sometimes on “Father’s Day,” one of our three daughters inevitably gives their Dad a special treat, a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. Problem is, he only has one glass of it to toast in the New Year. So now there’s several full bottles up in the bar. Last year a new Jack Daniels “Single Barrel” whiskey was released. Much more expensive than the traditional one, but Norbert thinks it has a richer taste and a very unique, aromatic flavor. So, he drank two glasses of it last New Year’s. And the girls bought him some more.

Can you guess what I wrapped and put under the tree this Christmas? When I reached behind the bar and pulled out that bottle of Single Barrel J.D., I felt just like a little girl again. Whoa! What a wonderful Christmas gift that was — for me!

Wishing the New Year is wrapped in warmth and love and that we stay forever young at heart.