Fish Springs resident bags 5-point elk in Ely |

Fish Springs resident bags 5-point elk in Ely

Record Courier Staff Reports

Fish Springs residents Sue and Rich Lammay had quite an adventure while they were elk hunting near Ely last month. Who do you suppose brought home the bacon (so to speak)? Yes, it was Sue who bagged the 5-point bull. She had waited patiently for eight years to get the tag and the day finally came.

Some old friends were hunting with them and they all passed by five bull elks because the huge animals seemed to be everywhere. Sue said they were just walking along and talking and laughing when they suddenly saw this big bull elk walking off in the distance and everybody scrambled.

Then Sue raised up her rifle and the elk suddenly stopped. This was her chance, but it was a long shot. It was a 230-yard shot off-hand. She said she aimed a little bit high, but it worked. It took them 12 hours from the time the elk was down and everything that night was secured. Regarding the day Sue said, “I had the time of my life!” Rich didn’t get his elk this time, but he’ll be happy to eat some of Sue’s very delicious lean elk meat for their dinner.

Wildfire watch

We spent last week visiting with 30 members of our extended families that live in the fire-ravaged communities of Ramona and Big Bear in Southern California. It was very sad to see so many skeleton remains of homes that had burned down to their foundations. Many acres of avocado and orange groves and also beautiful palm trees that once flourished in Ramona were now burned. Big Bear and Running Springs no longer have the fragrant smell of evergreen pine trees.

It will take many years for the trees to grow big and beautiful again, and many years for the burned homes to be rebuilt with all their memories. The Santa Ana winds started up again while we were in Ramona. At first it was just blowing big dust clouds, and then suddenly another wildfire broke out in this lovely little community. The firefighters were prepared and were quick to respond and knock out the fire in its run up a hill.

On our way home we saw two CDF strike teams and also a National Guard truck full of very tired looking men heading north on Highway 395. Hopefully they were coming home. Our big thanks certainly do go out to all the men and women of the fire services who risk their lives to protect ours and our property.

Meeting of wild horse advocates

There’s a new local group forming called Wildflower Wildhorses Yahoo Newsgroup. So far 22 members have joined together to protect Wildflower Ridge’s wild horses. The next meeting will be on Saturday, Dec. 8, at 1:30 p.m. in the Douglas County Public Library. For more information, call Lee Johnson at 782-4073.

— Linda Monohan may be reached at 782-5802.