Fireworks illegal for a reason |

Fireworks illegal for a reason

Saturday is the Fourth of July in Carson Valley during the time of coronavirus, which means the professional fireworks shows Western Nevadans typically enjoy have all been canceled.

While some folks may decide to hold their own displays, we urge them to resist the temptation. Fireworks are and have been illegal in Douglas County for decades.

The ban implemented in 1938 was designed to protect the surrounding forests, where fishing and hunting were a major source for Minden and Gardnerville’s livelihood.

There’s not a jurisdiction in the Sierra Front that permits fireworks at any time of the year. Possession is a misdemeanor, but setting someone’s house or property on fire by setting off fireworks could cost even more.

We’ve had firefighters injured fighting blazes started by fireworks, so it’s hardly a victimless crime.

And our firefighters have enough on their hands right now without worrying about someone setting the wilderness on fire through their carelessness.

It’s not just fireworks that are banned. Open containers of alcohol are not permitted at Nevada Beach on Saturday. About two-dozen people were arrested last Fourth of July, mostly related to alcohol consumption, including seven minors. Deputies even took someone in custody for setting off fireworks in the Gardnerville Ranchos.

Let’s celebrate the Fourth this year without a major mishap, fire or collision. We’d love to see everyone back on Monday, safe and sound.