Finding a place hard in Douglas |

Finding a place hard in Douglas

It hasn’t been a secret that people working in Douglas County have had a hard time finding someplace to live here.

We’re not interested in the labels … affordable, attainable, workforce … are just words bandied about in political debates on the master plan or zoning.

If there isn’t anything, then it doesn’t matter what you call it, and that’s pretty much what we’re hearing from residents and officials.

County commissioners approved a whole slew of multi-family projects across Minden through the master plan process.

But one of the dangers of using the master plan to make these things happen is that the market often moves much faster than the approval process.

When Douglas County approved the change for a casino on the northern boundary, it was hailed as an answer to the county’s financial woes. Similar claims were made in the early part of the century when a casino was approved at highways 395 and 88 at the beginning of the 21st century. Then the market moved on and people stopped building big casinos.

Last week, commissioners approved allowing a multi-family project to move forward without purchasing development rights. We love that Douglas County has a means to preserve agricultural land.

However, it’s hard to argue that process works as well for apartments as it does for single-family homes. Since the master plan update remains a work in progress, perhaps tackling the transferred development rights program would be an excellent goal.