Finals should come before break |

Finals should come before break

Phoebe Argon
Douglas High student


As I sit here writing this letter I have been on winter break for two weeks now. This would truly feel like a “break” if it wasn’t for one thing. I still have finals when I return.

Finals should be before the break for many reasons. The first one being that students forget things during the two-week break Secondly, it is very difficult to find the time to study. My family tries to do things for the holidays, like going to shows or plays, skiing, baking, and we always have family that comes up to visit. This is supposed to be a time for family and doing things together, but when you still have your finals looming ahead of you it makes this time stressful.

It would also be better for the school because students would test higher since everything would still be fresh. After the year is through no one wants to come back and do finals, the school year schedule should reflect this.