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Federal shutdown’s impacts

A lot of folks spend a lot of time getting hopping mad at the federal government over a variety of things.

In this part of the country where more land is managed by the government than is in private hands, there are some major effects to having it shut down.

Tourism along the eastern Sierra is taking a pretty big hit as one of the largest attractions on this side of the mountains, Yosemite National Park, closes its gates.

While you could hunt for three years in the mountains of Nevada without ever seeing a federal law enforcement officer, the shut down of the Bureau of Land Management will affect operation of Sand Mountain and Walker Lake.

Meanwhile, concessionaires at Lake Tahoe are waiting to hear if they’ll be affected by the shutdown. With weddings, attractions and a variety of fall activities, Zephyr Cove and Camp Richardson, among others, could use all the help they can get during the shoulder season.

Thankfully, with the possibility that snow will start flying soon, the ski resorts aren’t affected, and we can’t imagine the impasse lasting until Thanksgiving.

Hardest hit are the federal workers who have been furloughed, or perhaps worse, those deemed critical who are working but receiving IOUs instead of their paychecks.

There are towns in more remote parts of Nevada, whose restaurants and businesses serve federal employees, who will see a hit from the shutdown.

Those places don’t get so much trade that they can afford to lose customers.

Whatever the outcome, we can only hope that some sort of deal is reached soon.