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Feb. 24 letters to the editor

New I-580 extension signs in Carson Wednesday.
Brad Coman |

Defund Planned Parenthood


Recently, America spoke out and asked the 115th Congress to reroute taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood to comprehensive health care centers. More than 225 #DefundPP events took place in 43 states and the nation’s capital, drawing tens of thousands of people rallying to protest tax dollar support of Planned Parenthood.

Each year Planned Parenthood performs over 320,000 abortions, 34% of the annual total. They provide less than 2% of manual breast exams, less than 1% of pap smear tests, and zero mammograms for women in America. That’s not addressing women’s health, reproductive or otherwise. Why not redirect our tax money to Federally Qualified Health Centers that provide a wider range of health care services and a higher standard of care?

I urge Reno-Area residents to contact Senator Dean Heller (202-224-6244), Representative Mark Amodei (202-225-6155) and Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (202-224-3542) and insist that they de-fund Planned Parenthood now!

Jeff & Jessica Eschen


Johnson should stick to ranching


As regards Marie Johnson’s column of Feb. 8, I’d much prefer that she would keep politics out of it. I’ve always enjoyed her stories of life on her ranch and all the problems and benefits of raising cattle.

But as to her opinion of President Trump, she’s right in line with all the other whiners that can’t accept that Donald Trump is legally our president without whining about it.

Conservatives accepted Obama as our president without whining about it and were willing to give him a chance without the boycotts, protest marches, etc.

Left wing liberals like Marie should give President Trump the same courtesy. Four years from now, let’s evaluate the economy and our level of safety under our new leader before being so negative. Give the guy a chance. If politics are going to be in her column, I for one am done reading it.

Robert Mattson


History won’t look back kindly


The chronicles that will be written of our time 100 years from now will not speak kindly of the fools like Scott Pruitt and Dean Heller, who blindly wreaked havoc on this lovely blue planet, our only home. These arrogant ignoramuses who deny not just the reality of climate change, but even the slightest possibility of climate change, will then be seen for what they are. Politicians like Pruitt who line their pockets by claiming that they (by some miraculous process known only to themselves) understand climatology better than the concerned scientists who have devoted their lives to actually studying the climate, will be written down as the greatest consortium of criminals, con men and imbeciles in history.

These criminals like to speak of “business costs” and “fiscal responsibility”. But not all costs incurred in this life are business costs. Ask the children of Flint what the cost of lead contaminated water is. Those costs don’t show up on a balance sheet. But the lifelong cost of the damage done to those young children’s brains is incalculably greater than any business cost could ever be. That’s what Republicans call “fiscal responsibility”. That is the kind of leadership Pruitt will bring to the EPA.

How unfortunate for all of us that our Senator Heller chose to stand on the wrong side of history by backing Scott Pruitt to head up the EPA.

Tim Goldsmith


Alt left wearing the brown shirts


In “Haunted by Ghost of Human Folly” [2-15 R-C], letter writer John O’Neill suggests that gullible voters who elected Trump bought into Nazi-style propaganda. He’s got it exactly wrong. The Brown Shirts are all on O’Neill’s side of the political aisle, punching faces, setting fires, destroying property, and blocking streets.

Preening alt-left hypocrites have been calling patriotic Americans “Nazis” since the ’60s when they were spitting on returning servicemen at Oakland International. Today’s trash-mouth/smash-mouth left believe mob violence is a winning political strategy, but mainstream America sees them as repulsive, small-minded, malignant haters bereft of any moral authority.

President Trump and his supporters are fortunate in their enemies.

Lynn Muzzy


Puzder’s exit should put GOP on notice


The withdrawal of Andy Puzder’s nomination for Labor Secretary should be a “wake-up” call for Congressional Republicans and President Trump.

Puzder faced an unprecedented level of opposition — ardent Senate Democrats, a well-financed ferocious union and media smear campaign, bullying tactics at CKE Restaurants, Carl’s and Hardee’s locations, and personal physical threats. A similar level of intimidating abusive behavior was directed at Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s Education Secretary nominee.

As CKE Restaurants’ CEO, Puzder had real world experience with workforce issues and job creation. He wrote a book on the subject. In contrast, Obama’s Labor Department promoted job-killing work rules and new overtime mandates. The effect of ObamaCare reduced hiring by small businesses. Labor groups demand a $15 minimum wage, which would further negatively impact employment.

Likewise, DeVos had a record of promoting educational innovation and championing all forms of school choice–charter public schools and private school voucher programs. She won endorsement from Republicans (former Gov. Jeb Bush) and Democrats (former Sen. Joe Lieberman). From 1970 to 2010, per pupil spending on public schools has tripled (in constant dollars) with no improvement in student performance.

Both Puzder and DeVos were strong “reformers” on labor and education issues. They underscored the need for change in Washington. Unfortunately, their Trump sponsors voluntarily attached the label “disrupters” to each. That characterization made targeting by opponents easier.

The road ahead for Republicans on tax reform, repeal and replacement of ObamaCare, immigration and confirming Neil Gorsuch will require unity. To succeed, President Trump needs to demonstrate a greater calm competence. Congressional Republicans would then be bolstered in pushback against widespread “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Jim Hartman